A close-up of the face of Gijsbert ter Horst, wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

Who is Ghostbird?

I am Gijsbert ter Horst, a thirty-something year old from the region of Twente in the Netherlands. I'm both a geek and a nerd and have an interest in too many things to pursue them all, mostly related to computer science with a focus on the Internet of Things.

Why Ghostbird?

Ghostbird is the nickname given to me by a friend as an English alternative to my name. It kind of stuck and I started using it online. The actual way English people pronounce my name is more like “guys-burt”. I can assure you this is horribly wrong, but non-Dutch friends of mine have complained that trying to correctly pronounce my name hurts their throats.

What is the purpose of this website?

Here I provide information about me which can be used by people to get a preliminary grasp of who I am.

This website is not a finished product, some parts (most notably the portfolio) are in need work. Still I have put it online, because it is better than nothing.