About this website

When I set out to create this website I constructed a few requirements. Roughly in order of importance these are:


As you may have expected, security was my primary concern. Because this website does not need programmed functionality (e.g. a login page) I decided to use plain HTML and CSS. That way I avoid the security issues that may occur on a web server that execute code such as PHP.

I opted to make the website work without scripts. While JavaScript certainly has found its place in the modern web, I tend to avoid it whenever possible due to the significant security and privacy issues that come with it.

I decided to use common typefaces for this page, though I had some nice typefaces that would have looked better, you need to download that typeface from the internet while the page loads. However such downloaded typefaces may contain malicious payloads and therefore this behaviour is often blocked or restricted. I decided to stick to basic FreeSans and Arial to avoid such issues.

Ease of access

You may have noticed that the design is responsive to some changes, try resizing the browser window and you will see that the page changes to match the new size to an extent. CSS3 allows for partial responsive design where previously this was all left to scripts. I consider CSS the “correct” way to create a responsive UI – it is the part responsible for the style of the page – but alas the development, acceptance and support of new CSS standards is not as fast as the changes in webpage usage in recent years. Therefore this website could have had a more responsive design through the use of scripts.

An advantage of not using JavaScript is that the website is not slowed down by scripts, and will probably load and render fast even on devices with very limited processing capacities. However this limits how large an image gallery I can include in a single page. For image galleries JavaScript is a very good choice since it can be used to ensure that the images are only loaded when they are needed.

Graphical design

Though I do have experience with design software and the graphical design process, I do not consider myself a graphical designer. For this website I aimed for a clean and calm look, since I find pages with too many visual bells and whistles aggravating.


I could have used existent designs or derived something from those, but I wanted this site to be my own work. Almost everything on this site is my own creation.

Included works not by me are:

I am an advocate of permissive licences and Free Software. Therefore various individual works shown on this website are licensed using Creative Commons licences. If this is the case, it will be indicated in the file metadata.


My contact details are available in my curriculum vitae which can be downloaded from the CV page. The details are not directly available on this website to prevent spam robots from grabbing them.